The Price Is Right

By Paul Begala for The Daily Beast and Newsweek | May 6, 2013
Will supporting guns finally cause politicians to lose their jobs?

"BACK WHEN I was President Clinton’s political adviser, I cited poll numbers to try to talk him out of even a tiny tax increase on the middle class, in the form of a four-cent hike in the gas tax. But the final word went to Lloyd Bentsen, Clinton’s Treasury secretary. 'Mr. President,' he said, 'I’m sure Paul’s polls are correct. But I never saw a fella lose his seat for voting for a four-penny gas tax.'

"...Bentsen’s political observation comes to mind in the current discussion of gun control. Sure, the polls say 90 percent of Americans support expanded background checks. But have you ever seen anyone lose his or her seat for voting against gun control? I’ve seen more than I care to recall lose their seat for supporting it."